Culture of the Leathernecks Nation Motorcycle Club (LNMC)

Being a United States Marine, you are no stranger to the unique and rich culture of our military branch. We have a proud heritage that dates back to 1775, a heritage that all Marines are proud of and share with anyone who will lend us an ear.

In addition to the culture of the Marine Corps, the motorcycle club world also has a deep culture that dates back to the post-WWII era. Clubs formed by veterans returning from War, who no longer fit the mold of society and wanted to be around like-minded individuals.

For the Leathernecks Nation MC, these two cultures come together and make us who we are.

We are a motorcycle club that consists of U.S. Marines and FMF Corpsmen, and understanding these two worlds and how they relate to our MC is important for our members, as well as prospective members.

This section of our site will help to provide some of the basics. The rest of what you need to know will be learned over time, through your hang-around stage, then later, your prospect stage of membership.  Even as a fully patched member of the Leathernecks Nation MC, you will continue to learn and embrace the MC and USMC cultures, and how they work together.