Death Dealers Chapter (PA)

Area of Operation: Pennsylvania

President: Jammer
Vice-President: Grifter
Sergeant at Arms: Stroker
Road Captain: Paver

One does not become a Leatherneck without an unyielding loyalty to the brotherhood. This bond is carried over from our days of enlistment in the MARINES and formed over time within the Leathernecks. This bond is unbreakable and it is what sets us apart from others.

Each Leatherneck, past and present, has entered more than just a Brotherhood of men; he has become a part of an elite fellowship. Leathernecks are today and will forever remain a breed apart.

Each Leatherneck draws strength from his brothers. In return, the strength and legacy of the Leathernecks lies in the collective will of each individual member.

Each Leatherneck is an integral part of this club. He is the Leathernecks! Leathernecks and Brotherhood are inseparable, we are one!

We share a bond, a love, a dedication and loyalty that no earthly circumstance can shatter. This is our club! THIS IS OUR ELITE BROTHERHOOD OF LEATHERNECKS!